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Review: X-Men Apocalypse

xmenThe X-Men franchise began in the year 2000 and many would credit it as the beginning of the superhero movie boom.  After 16 years and nine films how does the newest addition to the X-Men film family hold up? Continue reading Review: X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men-Themed Legion To Get Series On FX

xmenX Networks has given an eight-episode order to Legion, its X-Men-themed pilot starring Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens. This marks the first live-action cable Marvel series, joining ABC’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Netflix package of four series.”

More info on this breaking news here

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Attention! Alien: Covenant Trailer About To Drop

alienThis is happening so fast, we’re putting up the tweet. But note that the lights have now gone from green to RED.

More here

Continue reading Attention! Alien: Covenant Trailer About To Drop

XBox One $50 Limited Time Price Cut

XboxOneQuick note for gamers – “The 500 GB version will now run you $299 while the 1TB is now $319.This price reduction also applies to various bundles on offer.” More on this sale here



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Great Collection Of Star Wars Art Books From Omni

StarWarsOmni has taken the time to round up a whole bunch of books devoted to Star Wars art. These are the kinds of books that should be found on the coffee table in the home of any nerd. “In a galaxy far from earth, a franchise was born. Star Wars was the catalyst for a systemic shift in brand marketing. But beyond R2D2 phones, Sith video games, and animated Clone Wars, Star Wars represented a significant evolution in sci-fi art. Star Wars was so visually stunning and inspirational that a generation of artists created an entire sub genre of science fiction art from it. Over four decades of direct and derivative-based pieces have been used to create an art universe as complex, as it is vast.”

Interesting to see what Lucas and the crew had planned on doing with the Star Wars series originally as compared to the finished product. Have a look at the books here.

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Cloooowns! Short Horror Film So Bad It’s Awesome

clownsLooks like 2016 is going to be the Summer of Clowns. Horrible, horrible clowns. Big h/t to HorrorNews for this one. Not only for the short film but for the absolutely hilarious review you need to go over and read. Really, there are four ‘O’s in the title; it’s THAT bad. Have a look at the film below. Synopsis: A young couple decides to throw a Halloween party in an abandoned house. Everything is great until a pair of murderous clowns show up to reclaim what is theirs. Don’t miss the review and stills here

Continue reading Cloooowns! Short Horror Film So Bad It’s Awesome

New Voorhees Backstory Coming

jasonJason fans will be excited to know more of his family backstory is being developed for the 2017 release.

“Speaking with The Reel World, Fuller teased that Aaron Guzikowski has penned a new Voorhees origin story!

Continue reading New Voorhees Backstory Coming

Uh-Oh. Rumored Rogue One Reshoots

StarWarsThere has been a disturbance in the Force. This appears to be more than a rumor, as cast member Donnie Yen was heading back to London for more shooting. As far as we can remember whether it’s albums or movies, we’re in agreement with Slashfilm that redos are never a good sign. It seems that audience tests were not performing well.  Slashfilm has much more coverage here.


Resident Evil 5 XBox One Release Date

residentevilQuick note for gamers: A listing on the Xbox Store has outed the Resident Evil 5 Xbox One release date as June 28. More details here

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Cool Single-Person Spaceship Ideas

astronomy3Well, somebody has either a lot of time on their hands or a really cool job – or both. Actually, it’s a competition. “Genesis Engineering Solutions (GES) in Lanham, Maryland sponsored the engineering design contest as a way to integrate student creativity into the development of their Single-Person Spacecraft (SPS) concept. According to GES, the SPS includes an inner pressure vessel for shirtsleeve (normal clothing) operations and an outer unpressurized cylinder for micrometeoroid, orbital debris and impact protection.”

Have a look at the spaceship designs in more detail here.

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Book Review: Ctrl Alt Delight: Digital Science Fiction Anthology

ctrlaltdelightCtrl Alt Delight is why we love short sci-fi collections. You’re always bound to find some amazing stuff in the mix. This is our second Digital Science Fiction Anthology collection we’ve reviewed, largely in part because we really liked the last one. Why quit when you’re ahead? As with any short story collection we review, rather than try to cover everything we’ll have a look at our favorites.





Continue reading Book Review: Ctrl Alt Delight: Digital Science Fiction Anthology

Young Han Solo Starts Filming January 2017

StarWarsQuick, short note on the Han Solo spinoff news. Lawrence Kasdan, who has an incredible resume of movie writing under his belt, talks in a short interview on the upcoming project. Have a look here




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Your Sci-Fi Tune Of The Day – Van Halen: Atomic Punk

vanhalenThis is, to the best of our knowledge, the only Van Halen song that strays into the sf/fantasy/horror categories. But it’s a killer. From the incredible Rock And Roll-changing self-titled debut album, Atomic Punk is rarely played live. Who knows what this song is about – who cares? It rocks. Tune below. Enjoy!

Continue reading Your Sci-Fi Tune Of The Day – Van Halen: Atomic Punk

Alita: Battle Angel Gets Lead

alitabattleangelA little surprised Alita wasn’t cast as an Asian. “According to a recent report from Collider, it appears that the hunt for the lead actress in James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel has finally found its titular heroine in the form of actress Rosa Salazar. The production reportedly went through a long list of potential up-and-coming female actresses; of the three front-runnersIt Follows’ Maika Monroe, K.C. Undercover’s Zendaya, and Rosa Salazar herself – it appears that Ms. Salazar finally won out.”

Lots more on this casting news here

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Mars Super Close Tonight. Earth-Shattering Kaboom Predicted.

marsAstronomy/space nerds, Mars is close enough tonight to… well, it’s closer than usual so if you’re into stargazing, this is your thing. If you’ve been watching over the last few weeks, you’ve noticed a really bright orange dot hanging out in the ecliptic. That’s Mars. Here’s, who are hosting a Slooh live webcast where you can get in on some hot, red Mars action.

“The broadcast starts at 9 p.m. EDT (1 a.m. UTC) and can be viewed live on the Slooh website. Viewers can send questions to @Slooh on Twitter, or chat live with the team on The webcast will also be available here on” Have a look at a lot more info here

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