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Happy Birthday To Ridley Scott

Born today in 1937, you may know him as the director of the Alien films.

Ridley Scott Drops New Alien: Covenant Photo For His Birthday

“Following the recent reveal of a new poster and earlier release date for Alien: Covenant, 20th Century Fox celebrated Ridley Scott’s 79th birthday today by revealing a new set photo featuring the director and what looks an awful lot like the Space Jockey, aka “the pilot,” that the Nostromo crew discovered on LV-426 in the original Alien.” Wait till you see what’s in the photo! Photo below the fold. Read more on this story here

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Trailer For Korean Horror Film The Wailing

This has traces of The Omen in it where something evil has been brough in by a main character baddie. Like The Omen, we may or may not see spirits or monsters but we’ll sure get an icky front row seat to what they do to everyone. Video below  – enjoy!

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You’ll Soon Be Able To Binge Watch Downloaded Netflix Movies

This will make a lot of people happy, especially when it comes to houses with four devices trying to access movies at the same time. “Netflix has finally granted what many subscribers have been requesting for years: the option to download shows for offline viewing. The company is now allowing members worldwide to download select TV shows and films for viewing on Android and Apple devices while disconnected from the Internet.

The latest versions of Netflix’s mobile apps will include a download button on the details page for a TV series or film, but not all titles are available to watch offline. There’s also a new menu that shows which titles are available to download.

Original shows include Narcos, House of Cards, Strange Things, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black, and The Crown will be available to download starting Wednesday. Other titles available for download are animated films Minions and Home, and TV shows The Office, The Flash, The 100, and Supernatural. The company said that it plans to add more titles for offline viewing in the future. ” Read more over at Epicstream via this link

Here’s A Cool Star Wars Fanfilm – The Secret Of Tatooine

Great short film by Jordan Inconstant! The ships especially were done well. Jordan Inconstant, a young french director led this project which took more than 3 years to be finished. Exact replicas of the costumes from Episode IV were used, Dark Vador, Obiwan, SandTrooper etc …

“Obiwan Kenobi is exiled on Tatooine to watch over the young Luke Skywalker. His mission will be complicated when the young boy leaves alone in the desert in pursuit of the Tuskens. In saving him, Obi-Wan stirred the curiosity of a bounty hunter and troops of the empire. Will the Knight Jedi succeed in preserving his identity while protecting Luke?

This short film takes place between episodes 3 and 4.” Video below – enjoy!

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Video – Suicide Squad Blooper Reel

Some amusing clips from the hottest movie of the summer! Video below – enjoy!





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Power Rangers Have New Alpha 5 Movie

power-rangersQuick note to bring you up to speed on Power Rangers news: “IGN has revealed new concept art for Power Rangers’ updated take on Alpha 5, Zordon and the Rangers’ easily panicked but trusty robotic sidekick in the show. Except this time the character, voiced by Bill Hader, isn’t actually a robot. Instead, Alpha is an actual alien, complete with bizarre tentacled eyes and similarly textured armor to the suits the Rangers wear when they’re morphed up—a mix of organic and inorganic parts.”

Read more on this story and see the two new pics here


SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – Nov 30

SFF World reviews The Bloodforged fantasy novel by Erin Lindsey.

Horror News reviews The Devil’s Dolls.

IGN says investigation has cleared No Man’s Sky of misleading players.

CinemaBlend asks if the Boba Fett movie will ever happen.

Polygon posts how to watcch the Game Awards.

Comic Book Resources notes Generation X brings major changes to X-Men school.

PC Gamer writes about an 80 year old gaming celebrity.

Nerdist asks what superhero show Marc Guggenheim would like to see.

NME writes about when Eddie Murphy almost starred in Star Trek.

Bloody Disgusting reviews Dearest Sister horror film.

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Happy Birthday To Robert Kirkman

Born today in 1978. “Comic book writer whose best-known works included “Invincible” and “The Walking Dead.” He also worked on “Ultimate X-Men” and “Marvel Zombies” for Marvel Comics and on “Haunt” with Todd McFarlane.”


Your SciFi Tune Of The Day – The Firm: Star Trekkin’

“There are klingons off the starboard bow! It’s worse than that, he’s dead Jim! It’s life Jim but not as we know it, not as we know it! ” Video below – enjoy!




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Scientists: Time Travellers Could Use Parallel Dimensions To Visit Past



Well there you have it – science has spoken! “There are multiple timelines playing out in parallel universes, according to a team of researchers. The sensational claim was made by a team of physicists, who believe that the parallel universes can all affect one another. Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr. Michael Hall, from Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics, claim that the idea of parallel universes is more than just science fiction. Fellow researcher Dr. Dirk-Andre Deckert, from the University of California, helped further the researchers’ theory, which goes against almost all conventional understanding of space and time.” Thinking of booking yourself a trip to the past? Read more on this exciting new breakthrough in time travel here!

h/t Fox News

We Support Star Power Illustrated Comic Kickstarter

This post is actually 1 in 3: First, we want to announce our support for the Star Power illustrated comic. Second, we’re going to throw a little financial support behind the Star Power and the Mystery of the Zel Gux Dynasty Kickstarter. Third, this post will also act as book 19/52 for our 52 books in 52 weeks project. So without further ado, let’s look at STAR POWER!

Star Power follows the cosmic adventures of astronomer turned superhero, Danica Maris. The comic was launched online at in 2013 and has consistently been updating pages every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (barring the rare instance where the artomatic Garth breaks down and needs to be rebuilt). Danica’s story is one of adventure, heroics, and space. Because space is awesome. ”

The Kickstarter is unfortunately ending very soon for Star Power and the Mystery of the Zel Gux Dynasty. Somehow we didn’t get word of this until the last minute. But there’s still a little time to throw your support their way and even if you miss it, it’s certain there will be more Kickstarter campaigns. In the meantime have a look at the rest of this article below the fold, including images and a video.

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Book Reviews 17/18 of 52 – The Land That Time Forgot / Just A Minor Malfunction

This is part 17/18 of our 52 books in 52 weeks series – we review the classic novel The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the short sci-fi collection Just A Minor Malfunction. Both reviews can be found on Sci-Clops podcast 11 right here.

Don’t Expect To See A Rogue Two

This makes sense if you think about it because how long can the story go on between where the rebels obtain the Death Star plans and launch their attack? Additionally, it appears the Death Star is mostly finished in this story, so it’s first use – Alderaan, would be shortly after. “In the latest issue of Empire Magazine, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy sets the record straight and confirms they will not make a Rogue One sequel, which she jokingly refers to as Rogue Two. Visual effects legend John Knoll states that Rogue One was always intended to be a self-contained film, even though it is actually a prequel to A New Hope. And Rogue One director Gareth Edwards clarifies further saying if you were to have a sequel to Rogue One,  “that sequel will be directed by George Lucas,” a reference to that first Star Wars film.” Read more here

h/t slashfilm

SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – Nov 29

Epicstream reports Rogue One presales overwhelm Fandango.

Tracking Board says Daniel Trachtenberg may do Houdini film. Will Lovecraft be in it?

Movie News Guide has Logan spoilers.

Bell of Lost Souls has X-Wing:Worlds Meta-Analysis.

SciFi Now says Halloween reboot doesn’t have finished script yet.

HorrorFuel has psychological thriller ‘Eloise’.

Comics Alliance reviews post-apocalyptic horror series The Spread.

Superhero Hype notes Rogue One live screen event coming to Twitter.

Daily Dead has new Power Rangers movie promo images.

Geek Tyrant has a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 rumor.

Slashfilm has long lost MST3K episodes you can download.

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