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New Overwatch Lunar Map Trailer


Now you can battle at the home of the genetically-enhanced gorilla! Trailer at the link below.

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SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – May 31, 2017


Movieweb notes The Rock may still play the Wolfman.

Express reviews the Star Trek Bridge Crew videogame out on the PSVR.

Polygon has screenshots from Overwatch and the Lunar map is up on the PTR.

Slashfilm has found an unsmashed Mjolnir in another Avengers video.

Nerdist wonders of Bezos or Musk will get to the moon first.

EA features a couple who had a Mass Effect-themed wedding.

Steam Games is promoting a midweek madness sale.

Crunchyroll features A Centaur’s Life trailer – based on the monster girl manga.

NY Post writes on NASA’s mission to visit the sun.

Board Game Geek reviews the Near and Far boardgame.

Anime News Network covers Irregular At Magic Highschool.

Eurogamer has the leaked Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite roster.

Dark Universe writes about upcoming horror film The Neighbors.

Fantasy Faction looks back at fantasy novel Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams.

Superhero Hype has info on the Edge of Tomorrow sequel.

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Trailer – Psy-Horror Film ‘The Dark Mile’


A tense psychological horror-thriller, The Dark Mile blends The Wicker Man and Duel and comes up with a film rich in atmosphere and tension. London couple Louise and Clare (Rebecca Calder and Deirdre Mullins) book a sailing trip in the Highlands to recover from a personal tragedy. The location may be idyllic but soon they are tormented by a black industrial barge that follows them, and by the dysfunctional folk on board… Hints of the occult and paganism point to dark times ahead as the tension mounts. Trailer at the link below.

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Trailer – Robot Apocalypse Film ‘Revolt’


It never turns out good when you have robots involved. In English with Dutch subtitles, Revolt isn’t a tentpole film by any means but it looks like a great beer and pizza flick. You can categorize this one with Tracey Birdsall’s Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (which we covered here) and the new OATS trailer from Neil Blomkamp (which we covered here). We tried translating the Dutch summary that came with the video but failed miserably. SyFy Wire did a better job:

“Pace plays an American soldier in a war-ravaged African country who joins forces with a French foreign aid worker, played by Skyfall’s Berenice Marlohe, “amid humankind’s last stand against a cataclysmic alien invasion.” Their partnership will be tested when they seek refuge from the alien threat.”

Anyhoo, have a look at the video below.

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Arms Videogame: Meet Twintelle Trailer

Trailer for the Twintelle character in the upcoming fighting game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, which is set for release worldwide on June 16, 2017. More details on this game at the link below. 

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Fullmetal Alchemist English Trailer


The live-action trailer with subtitles. Two alchemist brothers go on a quest for the Philosopher’s Stone after an attempt to revive their dead mother goes horribly wrong. Scheduled for Japan release December 1. Video at the link below.

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Batman and Harley Quinn – Trailer

Two legends return to the world of the Dark Knight in Batman and Harley Quinn, the newest entry in Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment’s series of DC Universe Original Movies. Spawned from an original story by animation icon Bruce Timm and featuring the voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman, Batman and Harley Quinn arrives August 15 on Digital HD and August 29 on Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Deluxe Giftset, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD. Trailer at the link below.

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SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – May 30, 2017

THR reports Adam Wingard  will direct Godzilla vs. Kong.

Popular Mechanics has a DIY hovercraft.

The Slaughtered Bird reviews The Second Life.

Crunchyroll previews Aug 15 Sonic Mania date. has Gal Gadot talking about how WW will relate to Justice League.

Eurogamer wonders why Nintendo won’t make a new Advance Wars.

EW notes Game Of Thrones remaining episodes to be mostly normal length.

Zerohedge reports on the latest laser battlefield weapons.

NME writes that James Cameron isn’t worried about the gap between Avatar movies.

Giant Bomb has a quick look at Ultra Street Fighter 2.

JoBlo reviews Wonder Woman.

Anime News Network reviews Crusher Joe: The Movie.

Kotaku reports on funding for new board game idea Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom.

CBR reviews Secret Empire issue #3.

NY Post writes video games will soon be played in giant empty rooms.

Dark Universe reports Slender Man starts filming in Boston this summer.

Fantasy Faction explores the fantasy world of Vvardenfell.

Epicstream says Venomverse event confirmed by Marvel.

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OATS Volume 1 SF Film Trailer (From Neil Blomkamp)


This trailer looks interesting in that it seems like the film is going to break new ground the way District 9 did. PLOT: Neill Blomkamp has created his own studio to help launch the careers of other people looking to jump into political science fiction the way he did back in 2009 with District 9. The teaser for the first Oats Studios project has landed online and it looked exactly like something you could expect from Blomkamp in the best possible way. Video at the link below. Enjoy!

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Lost Sphear (Videogame) Official Announcement Trailer

Tokyo RPG Factory

From the makers of I Am Setsuna. In this JRPG, a young man, who suffered a phenomenon that he had never seen, faces an ominous power that threatens the fabric of reality. Awaken the power of Memory to restore what was lost! Muster different Memory and craft the world around you in a journey to save the world. Trailer at the link below. 

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Check Out Online SF Comedy Series ‘Dead Drift’

So I just finished watching all sixteen episodes of the online SF comedy series ‘Dead Drift’ and I have to say it was pretty good! It takes a couple episodes to get up and running (which is understandable given that the characters are being introduced) but with most episodes coming in at around four minutes, even viewers with a short attention span will like this one.

“Dead Drift” is kinda like Red Dwarf meets youtube. A screwball buddy comedy in SPACE, told by characters interacting via video communication consoles – summed up quite accurately by the show’s logline – “The uptight Captain of a decrepit ship must work with a bumbling mechanic to survive an alien encounter and save Earth from a terrifying ancient evil.”

These two less than stellar representatives of Earth’s USSC (United Solar Space Command, the future equivalent of NASA) set forth on an expedition to survey Saturn’s moon Titan, a mission they’ve been given mostly to keep them out of everyone else’s hair. Along the way they’ll come to rely on the ship’s holographic AI HANNAH to save their asses on more than one occasion. When they get to Titan, they make a monumental discovery that makes their mission one of the most important in human history.  (Dead Drift episode 1, images, and more on the show via the link below.)

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Cryptic Overwatch News – New Map? Character?


A cryptic News item posted on Blizzard’s Overwatch site may be indication that big things are coming! New map? A new gorilla character? Comments indicate it’s a monkey of some kind. Click the link below to see more.

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Super Relaxing Soundtrack For The Cerulean Moon Game Trailer

Bit Summit

We like the slightly retro style and the super relaxing soundtrack! Created by Nachobeard (is the alter ego of a spanish guy making action games with weird controls.).  Cerulean Moon is a jumpless platformer. In this game you don’t move the main character directly, but instead use your finger to slide the world under the main character’s feet. This control scheme allows for great expressiveness and has significant gameplay implications, making the game feel like a platformer even though there’s no jump button. Check out the video and more at the link below.

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SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – May 29, 2017

Epicstream says Aquaman’s plot confirmed to take place after Justice League.

Heroic Hollywood wonders if Felicity will suit up on Arrow.

Nerdest thinks they know who the mystery man is in The Last Jedi.

HorrorNews reviews horror film Hacker.

PC Gamer has more tips for playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

JoBlo features a Kickass kill count.

THR features Gillian Anderson discussing her roles in American Gods.

Use A Potion! reviews Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown videogame.

FanGirl Nation reviews Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Year One Rebirth.

Screenrant speculates on what the Silver and Black movie with Silver Sable/Black Cat could be about.

Express has a Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch update.

GOG has up to 90% off some of their games.

Nerdist reviews American Gods.

Fantasy Faction reviews fantasy novel Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

Bloody Disgusting editorializes why Kane Hodder deserves a lifetime achievement oscar.

Eurogamer writes Hob sees the makers of Torchlight trading Diablo for Zelda.

Crunchyroll reports Ufotable shows off their explosive anime guild opening.

Board Game Geek reviews Tokyo Highway board game.

NY Post writes AI learned to be curious from playing Super Mario Brothers.

CBR has 15 comic book swerves that totally fooled you.

Sci-Clops Podcast 29 is out! In this podcast: Comics! Including Tekken, Penny Dreadful, Suicide Squad, Marvel Secret Empire. Also Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner 2049, Hellboy reboot and new zombie film It Stains The Sands Red – more!

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SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – May 28, 2017 reports Venompool returns in Edge of Venomverse.

CBR has Dragonball’s first ever female super saiyan transformation ever.

Legless Corpse reviews horror film Aaron’s Blood.

Bloody Disgusting has an editorial on Alien: Covenant’s best character.

JoBlo features Hulk’s bed in Thor: Ragnarok.

PC Gamer notes Overwatch loot box gripes

Gematsu reviews new features for the Knights of Azure 2 videogame.

NY Post has new pictures of Jupiter.

IGN has the 7 best games you can play right now on XBox Game Pass.

Forbes interviews Katsuhiro Otomo about Akira. reports the threat to the Stranger Things kids will be worst than the Demogorgon.

CBR discuss why Lois and Superman have always been DC’s Power Couple.

We Got This Covered has behind the scenes photos from Logan.

Board Game Geek reviews Deep Space D-6 board game.

Anime News Network reports Little Witch Academia gets PS4 game.

Flickering Myth discovered Snoke’s next costume thanks to a LEGO toy.

CBR has the Deadpool blooper gag reel with a more foul-mouthed Deadpool.

Tor asks who could be cast as Tom Bombadil.

Pop Horror features a What’s New In Horror segment.

Destructoid has Memorial Day game/hardware deals.

Sci-Clops Podcast 29 is out!

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