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Alien UFO Found In NASA Images 'Orbiting The Moon'

Home Forums UFO/Conspiracy Alien UFO Found In NASA Images 'Orbiting The Moon'

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    More photographic evidence of the Black Knight satellite? Express believes so!

    A LEGENDARY “alien satellite”, that is said to have orbited Earth for nearly 13,000 years, has been caught on camera in NASA images orbiting the Moon, UFO fans claim.

    YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1 posted NASA Apollo 16 images in a video on his channel.

    NASA images of the Moon, Mars, other planets, as well as footage taken by the International Space Station, was scoured in an extensive search for evidence of alien life.

    The expert said in the video: “I have been browsing a lot of photographs tonight and I discovered this on a moon photograph

    “It is on the edge of the photograph, that is as close in as I can get.”It appears on quite a few photos, not all of them. It is some sort of structure and it is just sitting orbiting the Moon.

    “You can see its structure when I get a close up of it. To me it looks like some sort of structure.”

    Viewers have suggested it could be the mysterious Black Knight satellite, also known as the “Dark Knight”.

    After watching, Traci Hill posted on YouTube: “Looks kind of like the Dark Knight.”
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