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Comic Review: Conan The Barbarian Movie Special #2

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I recently covered the latest two issues of Conan the Slayer here so I thought it was a great time to look back in the archives – all the way to November 1982 for Conan The Barbarian Movie Special #2! The movie, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, was taking off so the comic was released as well. While the movie was really a montage of several early Conan stories, it was pretty good and still remains a classic with fans of fantasy to this day.

Images and more of this review at the link below.

In issue #2, Conan, Subotai, and Valeria have just stolen the jewels from Thulsa Doom’s tower and while celebrating are found by soldiers and hauled in before  king Osric of Zamora. Instead of being arrested and imprisoned as thieves, Osric tells them he can’t find anyone in his kingdom brave enough to stand up to Thulsa Doom. Worse, his own daughter has fallen under the spell of Doom. He then hires the three to kidnap his daughter back from Doom.

Disguising himself as an eager cult follower, Conan infiltrated Doom’s organization. Unfortunately, it’s not long before Conan is discovered and punished by being crucified to the Tree of Woe. But he’s rescued by Subotai and that evening, Valeria and an old wizard keep Conan from dying. Conan recuperates and the trio again head off to get King Osric’s daughter. The comic took a different turn than the movie here.


In the comic, when the trio locate Doom’s pleasure room, there are a subhuman species (whom they refer to as trolls) feeding on Doom’s chosen ones – and overseen by Doom himself. In the movie, it was just a bunch of kooky cultists eating each other. Well, they get the girl but on the way out Valeria is shot by the snake arrow and dies. To wrap the story up, Conan burns Valeria on a funeral pyre and using the captured daughter as bait, prepares a trap for Doom and his party.

Doom and the boys show up as expected and a pretty nasty fight breaks out – you can almost hear the classic movie music playing! At one point, Conan is almost killed but Valeria returns from the dead for a moment to help him but this time vanishing forever. Conan gets back into the fight, kills the gang, beheads Doom, and rides back to Zamora with the now-sensible princess.

Besides some classic comic illustration, this comic was faithful to the film and held up well. Some other cool features in this issue were the ads for a free full color Marvel poster (wish I had that today!) and tons of ‘grow muscles fast’ offers – perfect for kids reading… Conan!


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