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Comic Review – Voracious: Feeding Time Packs Dinosaur-Sized Delivery

As you may know, Sci-Clops has supported the Voracious comic and highly recommended it to comic fans everywhere. Incredible story with just as incredible illustration. This latest issue goes to prove we knew a good thing when we saw it.

Technically this is issue #6 because the first issue of Vol. 1 was 2 issues combined. However, you can read it on its own as Voracious: Feeding Time #1. Just be aware that it’s the next chapter of an ongoing saga and picks up right where the first miniseries left off. So it’s more fun if you read them all.

In this issue, we go to the future – an alternative future where dinosaurs have evolved to be the dominant species on the planet. Our two main characters are detectives/police officers who have now been personally affected by a terrible event happening in their world: citizens are winking out of existence and all memory of them is fading away. Without giving too much away, you can easily put two and two together to see that hunting dinosaurs in the distant past can have adverse affects upon an alternate future. How can this be stopped? Read Voracious and see!

The Voracious Facebook site is here.
You can pre-order VORACIOUS: Feeding Time #1 and the rest of the series at your local comic shop. there’s a handy order form below the fold that you can bring to the store!
To get caught up on VORACIOUS before Feeding Time #1 comes out on Dec. 7, you can also pick up the Vol. 1 collection, VORACIOUS: Diners, Dinosaurs & Dives, at your local comic shop. If they don’t have it on hand, they can order it for you with order code: JUN161044.
You can also purchase the collection on Amazon at (If you use Amazon, please click through our Amazon link above!)

Or buy the digital edition at comiXology here:

More images below the fold:




Markisan Naso/Jason Muhr

Markisan Naso/Jason Muhr

Markisan Naso/Jason Muhr

Markisan Naso/Jason Muhr


Markisan Naso/Jason Muhr

Markisan Naso/Jason Muhr


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