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Review – Star Power Online SF Comic Chapter 4.3

Still loving the Star Power free online sci-fi comic! The illustrations remain superb and the storyline interesting. Scouting ahead of the expedition, Danica has not only discovered a new world and a new race, but a new war as well. Read the full review at the link below.




Star Power

Unable to stop the two sides from brutally attacking each other, she is torn by the question of which side is the ‘right’ one. She is spared from making that decision by the fact that the battle she witnesses has left no survivors. This is a problem though, because she really has no idea what the conflict is about in the first place. Discussing her quandry with the ship’s command she is advised to return to the planet and discover whatever she can but not to get involved in the conflict. The commanders are of the opinion that no matter what the conflict is about, it’s going to have to be contained so it doesn’t spread out past the planet. The parallel story occurring here is Grex Orbil is interrogating (though not harshly) their prisoner and discussing her time as a Void Angel sharpshooter. She reveals that she finally left the Void Angels as she couldn’t justify the endless attacking and killing they engaged in. At this very time Danica – as the Star Power – comes across a raging urban battle in one of the planet’s cities. Watching this new race massacre each other, can she keep from choosing sides?

If you haven’t read Star Power yet, you’re really missing out. You can start reading the comic via this link here.

Star Power

Star Power

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