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SF/Fantasy/Horror From Around The Interwebs – June 12, 2017

Parade interviews horror filmmaker Aaron Koontz (Camera Obscura).

Bustle has a list of the top 11 Harry Potter podcasts.

CBR reports Star Trek’s Nicholas Meyer is working on another Trek project.

MovieWeb reports Deadpool 2 gets Shioli Kutsuna in a role, but what role is it?

SciFied reports 20 minutes of footage was cut from Alien: Covenant.

Fantasy Faction has a UK Games Expo recap.

Board Game Geek reviews Gloom of Kilforth board game.

Anime News Network has the first look at Godzilla from the anime.

Blastr interviews the creators of the new comicbook series Kill The Minotaur.

The Verge reviews Assassin’s Creed special edition.

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Daily Mail has a collection of the most extreme planets.

Dread Central reviews the VR Doom from E3.

Newsarama writes Transformers and GI Joe reunite for Hasbro comic crossover First Strike.

Bloomberg reports SpaceX joins the military.

Horror Society has a clip of The Passing horror film.

Giant Bomb reminds everyone Wolfenstein was teased a year ago with no game arriving.

JoBlo reviews Kill Switch.

Daily Dead has the latest episode of American Gods podcast American Godcast.

Geek Tyrant writes on Ivan Reitman’s ideas for the Ghostbusters franchise.

Broke Horror Fan reviews the Schwarzenegger ‘Dutch’ action figure (from Predator).

Popular Mechanics reviews the 4K XBox One X.

Superhero Hype notes Chris Evans saying Avengers 4 will wrap everything up.

Omni discusses Gods and Goddesses of death in mythology.

TechnoBuffalo reports on Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 release dates leak.

Epicstream has leaked images from The Last Jedi.

Washington Times has a multimedia/gadget guide for Father’s Day gifts.

BBC has actors paying tribute to Adam West.

Heroic Hollywood speculates on a Black Panther ‘Man-Ape’ crossover to Infinity War.

THR reviews Tom Cruise in The Mummy.

Destructoid notes Dragonball Fighters announced for multiple platforms.

CBR has 15 insane facts about Solomon Grundy.

Tor has a review of fantasy novel Down Among The Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire.

EW has a Fear The Walking Dead recap for ‘Teotwawki’.

Bloody Disgusting has the new Wolfenstein trailer.

Crave has a list of E3 predictions.


Patty Jenkins directing Superman.


Forbes has the FIFA features for the Switch.

PopHorror has the Spike preview for The Mist.

Games Radar discusses Skyrim on Switch motion controls.

Square Enix notes they will have two big Final Fantasy Brave Exvius announcements. reviews the This Belongs In A Museum board game.

Screamfix announces horror/crime drama Perdition is now on Amazon.

Steam announced sci-fi video game Tacoma is now available and 10% off.

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Wicked D

Wicked awesome, thanks for including screamfix in your roundup m/