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SF/Fantasy/Horror Headline Summaries From Around The Interwebs – July 12, 2017

JoBlo reports LaBeouf can come back to Transformers if he stays out of jail. features a drone-like octocopter for transporting people.

Broke Horror Fan discusses The Belko Experiment.

Dark Universe reports filming has wrapped on The Strangers 2.

NY Post notes possible high solar flare activity coming.

TG Daily features how to have the best odds at video poker.

Steam has 50% off apocalyptic video game Miscreated.

Board Game Geek reviews Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.

Fast Company reviews the 5 types of summer horror movies you’re getting.

Elite Daily notes Harry Potter theory about the basilisk could have totally changed the movies.

Macclesfield Express features a story about the new Forge The Link boardgame and its creator.

PC Gamer reviews the XCom video game

Horror Freak News reports Eli Roth planning Amityville Horror flick ‘1974’.

Moviepilot writes that the world’s largest set for horror film Legend of the Demon cat will become an amusement park.

Express has Ridley Scott talking about his upcoming Alien movies.

Inquistr reviews Dragon Ball Super episode 100.

Warped Perspective reviews horror film Exquisite Terror. reviews the Sh1t On Your Friends game.

NME reports Woody Harrelson is reassuring fans over troubled Han Solo movie.

Sploid features the world’s biggest super soaker.

Horror Society writes you can play Michael Myers/Laurie Strode in Dead by Daylight DLC game.

The Slaughtered Bird reviews horror film Altar.

More headllines at the link below.

Popular Mechanics discusses an idea to send a spacecraft to the nearest star.

Ars Technica writes on a private company aiming to bring a moon rock back to Earth.

Daily Dead has the first photo from The New Walking Dead season.

Dark Universe reviews The Houses October Built 2.

Tor has original fiction – Waiting On A Bright Moon, by J.Y. Yang.

Daily Dead covers kickstarter for volume 3 of vampire graphic novel Silver.


Superhero Hype has new Black Panther photos.

Omni features SF movies influenced by Dune.

Den of Geek has a Castlevania viewing guide.

Indiewire notes Game of Thrones spinoffs will include all new characters.

SciFi Now has Stranger Things season 2 news.

IBTimes UK

TechnoBuffalo reviews Splatoon 2.

Bell of Lost Souls reviews Warzone’s Industrial Zone Terrain.

Movie News Guide notes Charlize Theron would like to do a Mad Max sequel.

Horror Geek Life has a Harry Potter and the Incredibly Hard Hogwarts quiz.

Epicstream writes about 5 new episodes of Adventure Time.

FanGirl Nation reviews Castlevania season 1.

Geektyrant reports Brazil has officially approved a religion for Overwatch.

New pages are up for the online Star Power SF comic.

Newsarama reviews Batman in Dark Days: The Casting #1.

On Heroic Hollywood, which Gotham actor wants to be considered for a Batman movie?

Anime News Network feature Vince and Luna, The Brutal Alley.

THR has what to watch for in the Game of Thrones season 7 premier.


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