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SF/Fantasy/Horror Headline Summaries From Around The Interwebs – June 25, 2017

We Got This Covered lists 8 film franchises that really need to die.

Bleeding Cool reports Trunks added to the roster of DragonBall FighterZ.

Eurogamer has the crackdown game you never knew existed.

UK Horror Scene reviews The Amityville Horror.

Express has Nintendo Switch Rockstar games news, stock update and Skyrim release date.

Games Radar says The Chiliad mystery in GTA 5 may be ramping up.

Horror News reviews apocalyptic thriller Cargo.

SyFy Wire reviews The Thing at 35.

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Crunchyroll covers Inferno Cop.

Batman News looks at a Japanese Justice League Batman action figure.


More headline summaries at the link below!

SciFied has Kevin Feige clarifying Venom will not be part of the MCU.

Polygon reports D&D’s next module is based on the classic Tomb Of Horrors.

The Sun says NASA about to announce evidence of alien life.

GiantBomb reviews Friday The 13th video game.

NME features Edgar White explaining why he dropped out of Ant-Man.

Sploid has video of sumobot fights.

DW notes Sci-fi thriller ‘The Power’ wins prestigious Baileys Prize.

Slashfilm has Westworld news.

Cinemablend writes how Star Wars IX will honor Carrie Fisher.

Destructoid has a review of the Nintendo 2DS XL.

Eurogamer lists 8 games that will look better on XBox One X.

Teaser Trailer has the plot synopsis for Jigsaw (latest in the Saw series)

JoBlo reports Infinity War will be the final chapter for some MCU regulars.

Popular Mechanics has a link to Israel’s hi-tech air power.

The Slaughtered Bird reviews Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2 (book).

Horror Society features short film God’s Kingdom.

Fox Science writes on the possibility of an asteroid hitting Earth.

Ars Technica has the best escape room games for a breakout party.

DC Comics features Bernie Wrightson: Inking Nightmares.

Dark Universe says 4K restoration of The Thing is underway.

VG24/7 reports GTA modding tool Open IV is back online.

Daily Dead has a contest to win a collector’s edition of Species on BR.

Omni thinks Kylo Ren is too emotional to become the most powerful Sith lord.

Acting Auditions features Star Wars Episode IX filming and casting call news.

Bell Of Lost Souls (Tabletop Gaming) features 40K Lore: The Terror Of The Night Lords.

TechnoBuffalo has a beautiful image of Jupiter.

CBR writes on Plastic Man: Why Eel O’Brian Is Batman’s Secret Weapon. writes on the future of flying taxis.

PC Gamer reports that Elder Scrolls fans are (politely) upset about four legged dragons in Legends.

Board Game Geek reviews Container game – 10th anniversary jumbo edition.

Anime News Network writes on The Beginner’s Guide To The King’s Avatar.

Bloody Disgusting features a segment about watching Jaws on the water.

Fantasy Faction reviews fantasy novel The Legion Of Flame by Anthony Ryan.

Geek Tyrant features Stanley Kubrick talking about his childhood and more.


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