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Slasher Film Playing With Dolls: Havoc (trailer)

IDC Entertainment

‘Meet The World’s Most Brutal Killer’. Slasher fans will love this one!

Havoc was developed by director Rene Perez and production house Von Metz Entertainment. The third film find’s serial killer and psychopath Havoc escaping from his prison. This time, he targets his jailers and the local residents of an isolated wood. The film will be available through Video-on-demand this Thursday, July 20th.

The story also involves a sadist and voyeur. He (Richard Tyson) holds Havoc in a closed cave, to commit murder. But, Havoc turns the tables and finds a way out of his confines. Now, he is free to kill again and again and again…

Video and more images at the link below.

IDC Entertainment

IDC Entertainment

Video – Von Metz Entertainment

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