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Superheroes Are Saving Fox


Nerds and Geeks await their thank-you’s! H/T to Tracking Board for this in-depth article.

Who knew? Who would have predicted this ridiculous character from a horrible movie would end up fronting one of the most successful superhero flicks ever made? Sure, there were lots of fans from the character’s time in the comic books, but come on, plenty of times over the years those “fans” didn’t translate into good box office, simply because the quality wasn’t there so they didn’t bother to show up or, if they did, they weren’t enough to make a dent.

Ah, but there’s the key word when it comes to Deadpool — because you knew that’s the movie I was talking about — “quality.” In Ryan Reynolds, it had a producer-star who understood the character and what the fans wanted, found writers and a director who also got it, and the team worked on a relatively low budget (under $60 million, which might as well be peanuts for this genre) to produce a movie that grossed over $780 million worldwide, with over $360 million of that here at home.

Etube Onucheyo

Etube Onucheyo

Take away those numbers, and Fox would have had its worst showing in years, which makes the movie about the “merc with the mouth” the year’s MVP. No other single film was nearly as important to any studio’s success than Deadpool was to Fox’s. (Yes, one could make the argument that The Secret Life of Pets was a similar boon to Universal, but I would respond with two factors against that argument: it was animated, and it was released right after July 4th, peak of the Summer Movie Season, which meant that the studio was expecting the monster hit it got and wasn’t remotely as surprised by the film’s success as Fox — and, let’s face it, pretty much everyone else — was by Deadpool’s.)”

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