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Three New Drizzt Do’Urden Novels Coming


Drizzt fans will certainly see this as the most exciting news in books in a long time! Wouldn’t it be nice to see some movie rights…

Via Nerdist:

Drizzt Do’Urden fans, take a breath. You’ve been waiting for the beloved dark elf from Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms to return, and we’re excited to exclusively announce R.A. Salvatore is continuing his story with Timeless (see the cover below). Salvatore told Nerdist, “I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye to Drizzt and the gang. Even after all these years, there seemed to be dozens and dozens of stories left to tell. These characters have become like my family.”

Salvatore created Drizzt 30 years ago, so it’s not surprising he feels so close to the character. “I’m super excited to be able to work with Wizards of the Coast, David Pomerico and the folks at Harper Voyager to continue to publish Drizzt stories set in the Forgotten Realms,” he said. “I still enjoy writing these characters and I’m interested to see where they take me next.”

In short, Timeless (per Comicbook.comwill be the beginning of a trilogy that focuses on Drizzt, his father Zaknafein, and the popular mercenary character Jarlaxle. Nerdist has the exclusive on the books as well as more details for Timeless here


New Director Found For Dungeons And Dragons Movie

dungeons“Variety reports that Rob Letterman, who recently helmed Goosebumps, has an offer to direct the film from Warner Bros. He was among a group of directors vying for the project but a recent presentation sealed the deal for him.”

Directors are nice, but the story counts too. We would love to see the movie take place in the Forgotten Realms – which they were going to do – but especially focus on Drizzt D’Urden and start with the first novel in the series. That however, would be mostly set in Menzoberranzan. If the studio took the time to flesh this out, it could be cool. The main problem would be how big of an audience this could reach, since how many people actually play D&D, much less read R.A. Salvatore’s novels? If it were marketed right, perhaps…

Regardless, have a look at a pic or two, the article, and some interesting comments here

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