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SF/Fantasy/Horror Headline Summaries From Around The Interwebs – Feb 12, 2018

Rumor of Woody Harrelson as Carnage…

Primal Rage horror film featuring a free poster giveaway…

9 new things in Dynasty Warriors 9 videogame.

Currently reading Dune.

How Leo Snart will leave Legends of Tomorrow.

Nightwing script expected soon…

10 characters who should appear in the Nightwing movie.

Batman: White Knight drops a spoiler on Bruce Wayne’s father…

Deadpool 2 – Josh Brolin trolls Ryan Reynolds…

New pic of Thor’s hammer from Infinity War…

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Happy Birthday To George Lucas

Born today in 1944, he is the director of the first six Star Wars films. Have a look at a video at the link below of Harrison Ford and George Lucas discussing Star Wars at Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando.

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Los Angeles Selected For $1 Billion George Lucas Museum

WOW is that expensive! Who ever thought museums cost so much? “Los Angeles residents will no longer need to travel to a galaxy far, far away for a piece of Star Wars history.

George Lucas has selected L.A. over San Francisco to be home to his $1 billion museum, with the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art set to feature pieces from the filmmaker’s personal collection, including memorabilia from Star Wars and other films, vintage photographs and traditional paintings.

“After extensive due diligence and deliberation, the Board of Directors of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is pleased to announce plans to build the museum in Exposition Park in Los Angeles,” the museum’s board of directors said Tuesday in a statement. “We have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive support we received from both San Francisco and Los Angeles during our selection process. Settling on a location proved to be an extremely difficult decision precisely because of the desirability of both sites and cities.””

Read more on this story at the Hollywood Reporter here

Star Wars Episode VIII Possible Spoiler

StarWarsSpoiler below! Be aware that this may be nothing more than a rumor.

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Star Wars Replicas For Upper Crust Nerds

StarWarsWhy Upper Crust? Because you’d better have a nice-sized bank account to afford these!  Thousand dollar lightsabres, helmets, even Chewbacca’s bowcaster (which will set you back $2500.oo). But hey, you only live once, right? So whip out that credit card and pick something nice for yourself off the list Gizmodo have been nice enough to provide here


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Great Collection Of Star Wars Art Books From Omni

StarWarsOmni has taken the time to round up a whole bunch of books devoted to Star Wars art. These are the kinds of books that should be found on the coffee table in the home of any nerd. “In a galaxy far from earth, a franchise was born. Star Wars was the catalyst for a systemic shift in brand marketing. But beyond R2D2 phones, Sith video games, and animated Clone Wars, Star Wars represented a significant evolution in sci-fi art. Star Wars was so visually stunning and inspirational that a generation of artists created an entire sub genre of science fiction art from it. Over four decades of direct and derivative-based pieces have been used to create an art universe as complex, as it is vast.”

Interesting to see what Lucas and the crew had planned on doing with the Star Wars series originally as compared to the finished product. Have a look at the books here.

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Young Han Solo Starts Filming January 2017

StarWarsQuick, short note on the Han Solo spinoff news. Lawrence Kasdan, who has an incredible resume of movie writing under his belt, talks in a short interview on the upcoming project. Have a look here




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This Star Wars Rumor Has Created A Disturbance In The Force

starwarsbigWe’re not going to post this above the fold, but if it’s true, then the shroud of the Dark Side has truly fallen.






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