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Marvel Contest Of Champions Green Goblin Spotlight

Check out Green Goblin’s special moves now playable in Marvel Contest of Champions – laying down the law on Spider Man! Video at the link below. 

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Vincent D’Onofrio Says No Kingpin For Spiderman

spidermanUnfortunately, D’Onofrio has said he hasn’t heard anything about having a role as the iconic character, but is asking fans to get on Marvel and make it happen if they want it.

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Birdman Seems Closer To Meeting Spiderman

spidermanBirdman never seemed… that exciting. Hopefully, they’ll write him into a good script.

“While Michael Keaton’s name has been thrown around a bit lately when discussing the new SPIDER-MAN film, it seems like he might stick to the project after all. (I guess the spaghetti of a deal he got just needed a bit more time.) The Hollywood Reporter is certain that Mr. Keaton is now officially joining the film.”

More talk about Birdman and Keaton here

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Green Goblin Candidates – New Hoverboard Distance Record Set

hoverboardBefore flying, follow these Franky Zapata tips:

“He rose off the platform and out over the water, over the onlookers, medical personnel, and the witness from Guinness. There was no flailing about and no scary moments—he simply bent his knees and advanced steadily. Flying the Flyboard Air, however, it harder than it looks. Franky figures prospective riders would need 100 hours of practice on a normal water-propelled Flyboard and 20 hours of practicing in controlled conditions to be ready for the Flyboard Air.”

With practice, you’ll be able to fly around and throw pumpkins like a pro. Silly super villain costume not included. Read more and have a look at the video here

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