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Dimebag Darrell Fans – Check Out The New Dimevision Vol 2 CD/DVD

Adrenaline PR

With 2006’s Dimevision Vol 1: That’s The Fun I Have, fans of Dimebag Darrell and his work with Pantera and Damageplan were afforded the chance to see into the world of the legendary guitarist. Compiled from the many, many hours of video footage captured between the mid-80s and his later years, it was a funny, touching and poignant memorial.

Metal Blade Records is thrilled to announce the release of Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over – another true celebration of the man and how he lived his life – on November 24, 2017. Pre-orders are available via Metal Blade here. The DVD/CD set – which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic Dimebag moments – will also include five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog Dimebag accrued since longtime girlfriend Rita Haney gave him his first 4-track in 1984.

Video, links, and more – click below!

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Featured Artist – Jason Kui

Prosthetic Records

Hong Kong-based guitar sensation, Jason Kui’s debut instrumental album, Absence of Words, features diverse sounds – modern metal, hard rock, funk and ballads – while integrating sweeping lead techniques and compelling melodies throughout. Featuring Anup Sastry on drums. Video at the link below.

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Featured Band – Zaius


Here’s a very cool video for Seirenes by Zaius!

On Of Adoration, Zaius offer a glimpse into a musical world turned upside down. Featuring an array of sweeping landscapes, rhythmic thought patterns, and complex concepts ringing out with stunning, crystal clear beauty – this isn’t your average instrumental record. Of Adoration is a 40-minute journey traversing genre while defying conventional time signatures. The instrumentation is thoughtful, challenging and without pause. Zaius’ Of Adoration is a record that will appeal to fans of Between The Buried and Me, Pelican, and If These Trees Could Talk. Illustrations for the album were created by Marald Van Haasteren (Baroness, Kylesa) whose style is as colorful and alive as these tracks were meant to be. Video created by Dave Ayling. Video at the link below. 

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Featured Band: Fall Of Humanity

Fall of Humanity/Facebook

Sci-Clops recently had the pleasure of running across Syracuse, NY based metal band Fall of Humanity and wait till you check out their video for their debut single Seasons! Consisting of Marcus Rafferty – Guitar/Vocals, Michael Rafferty – Drums, and Jimmy Falco – Guitar/Vocals, Fall of Humanity list their influences as Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, Sepultura, and Killswitch Engage among others. Already making a big splash in the metal world, we’re looking forward to seeing a lot more from this band. Click the link below for the Seasons video, photos, and more on Fall of Humanity.

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Band Of The Day – Judas Priest (Live Graspop 2008)

The Tyranny Of Tradition

If you’re a Priest fan, you’re going to love this live 2008 show and if you’ve always wanted to hear Priest, then this is the show for you. Crammed with hits, leather, guitars, and of course THAT Harley, you won’t be disappointed! Video at the link below. Make sure to play at maximum volume.

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Band Of The Day – Fortis Amor

Adrenaline PR

Introducing melodic progressive metal project, Fortis Amor.  Fortis Amor, meaning “strong love” in Latin,  is a one-man (Guitarist/vocalist/composer/producer Ryan Duke) project that has just released an inspiring self-titled album. Check out more on the project and the single Holding On To Nothing via the link below. 

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Band Of The Day: Loviatar

Prosthetic Records

Here is some very hard rock from the north – pretty good stuff – progmetal fans will like these guys. Looking forward to seeing them on tour!

Canadian four-piece LOVIATAR will be releasing their self-titled debut full-length album on July 28, 2017 via Prosthetic Records.  

LOVIATAR‘s new self-titled album features two monolithic tracks: the aforementioned “Stygian Wyrm” (broken down into three parts for the digital release) and “Blind Goddess of the Nine Plagues”. It will be available on all digital platforms, digipack CD and a limited edition gold and black swirl LP. Pre-orders are available here:

Take a listen to their tracks “Nascent” and “Discordant” via the link below. 

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Band Of The Day – Septic Flesh

Prosthetic Records

Another heavy one (what did you expect with a name like ‘Septic Flesh?) and this video for ‘Dante’s Inferno’ is particularly interesting because it’s metal combined with orchestra. Anyone else think that thing on the thumbnail reminds you just a little of the Mouth Of Sauron?

Primordial, menacing and majestic; SEPTICFLESH – the gods of orchestral extreme metal  return with their new album, Codex Omega. Available September 1, 2017 in North America on Prosthetic Records, Codex Omega will be available as a 2-CD set, on purple wax vinyl as well as a US indie retail store exclusive on white wax vinyl, and on all digital outlets. Preorders are up now and available at

Video for Dante’s Inferno and more on Septic Flesh at the link below.

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Band Of The Day – Tetrarch

Adrenaline PR

Hard rock fans will be interested in Atlanta-based, modern melodic metal group Tetrarch. Lead by the multi-faceted, sing-along-worthy vocals of frontman Josh Fore and the searing guitar leads of groundbreaking “guitaress” Diamond Rowe, TETRARCH is rounded out by the powerful bass of Ryan Lermer and relentless drums of Ruben Limas. TETRARCH‘s new album showcases their commanding blend of intense metalcore riffage and driving drums with the dark vibes and haunting choruses of top-charting modern hard rock. The band’s clear influences – ranging from bands like heavy metal giants Slipknot and Trivium to hard rock darlings Mudvayne and Linkin Park – are evident and give TETRARCH the leg up on the competition. Their sound is crushing enough to fit on any heavy metal bill, but catchy enough to land confidently in commercial radio rotation. Click the link below for videos, photos, tour info, and more on Tetrarch.

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Review – Gorguts/Exist Show, Syracuse, NY


Just got back from a metal show at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY featuring five bands: Gorguts, Exist, Inhumanitis, Ebony Sorrow, and Scio.

First up was Scio (out of Frankfort, NY) filling in for Defeated Sanity who were originally on the bill but were unable to make the show. Scio was really tight with a hardcore sound and their five piece sounded great live. Jeff Lyszczarz – Vocals, Jerry Palmer – Guitar, Bob Ruffule – Guitar, Austin Evanchak – Drums, Tyler Mead – Bass. Check out their Facebook site here. Lyszczarz has an incredible screaming vocal; I’m not sure how he’s even able to speak after a show.

More of this review, bands, videos, pics, and contact info at the link below.

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Band Of The Day – Coroner: The Favorite Game


Formed way back in 1983 Coroner is one of the best bands ever to emerge from the metal scene. From speed metal origins Coroner morphed into a more progressive but still heavy sound that was ahead of their time. It’s too bad they never released more material than a handful of albums but what they did put out was incredible. Coroner still appear at major metal fests like Hellfest and there has been talk of new material for a while. In the meantime, enjoy ‘The Favorite Game’, originally from their Grin LP but found again on their last self-titled release – Coroner. If you like this tune be sure to scroll through the other songs on this album. In fact, listening to this tune while working out will give you the ability to lift no less than 1000 pounds or kilograms (your choice!) simply from the sheer power of this band! You won’t be disappointed. Video at the link below.

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Your Horror Tune Of The Day – Dissaverage: Burn At The Stake

Dissaverage Facebook

Kickass Spanish metal from their new album Prologue featuring some fantastic cover art. Caution – listening to this tune will make you run faster, fight harder, scream louder, mosh better, or add more weight at the gym. Check out the band at their official site here. Facebook page is here. YouTube site here. Video below at the link. Enjoy!







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Your Horror Tune Of The Day – Soulkeeper: Drain

Soulkeeper / Twitter @soulkeepercult

Straight up hardcore/metal from Minneapolis, ‘Drain’ is from the Get Well Soon album. Facebook site here. Twitter here.

Guitar / Scott Gilmore
Drums / Tom Jefson
Bass / Niko Simning
Vocals / Zachary Zaijian

Violent and emotional metal band, Soulkeeper, is proudly based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With their heavy and heartfelt EP release “Get Well Soon” out 7/8/16, this young quartet ambitiously brings life to an already thriving genre. Anxiously awaiting to perform their art driven and theatrical style, Soulkeeper signs with We Are Triumphant to take their sound across the world. Soulkeeper is our cult, join us.

Video at the link below. Enjoy!

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Your Horror Tune Of The Day Oceans of Slumber: Solitude

Oceans Of Slumber

Progressive metal from Houson, Texas. For the Candlemass cover Solitude, Oceans wrote, “Doom is certainly a big part of our musical background and we’ve wanted to play this song our way, in some form or fashion, for a long time.”

Check out the OoS website here. Video and more pics at the link below.





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