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SF/Fantasy/Horror Headlines From Around The Interwebs – Dec 6, 2017

Currently Reading Dune: House Atreides (Prelude to Dune Book 1)

So how long is The Last Jedi, anyway?

Black Mirror is doing a Star Trek-themed episode. 

This Game of Thrones character was not pleased with his character. 


Who has the craziest fan base? Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones?

New Mutants is the Stranger Things of Marvel’s X-Men universe.

Happy 80th birthday, Large Marge! 

The Walking Dead Telltale Series collection gets an upgrade.

More headlines at the link below!

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SF/Fantasy/Horror Headlines From Around The Interwebs – Nov 28, 2017

Currently reading Dune: House Atreides (Prelude to Dune Book 1)

Every major character in The Last Jedi. 

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 cast. 

Casting clues indicating trouble for Arya in Game of Thrones season 8?

Don’t forget the Sci-Clops Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and pages!

Marvel Comics

How the Punisher can fit into the larger MCU.

Children of the Corn: Runaway coming in 2018.

Interview with fantasy author S.A. Chakraborty.

New Avengers: Infinity War magazine covers.

Jason Goes To Hell retrospective documentary announced. 

More headlines at the link below!

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Pokemon Go Players Just Got 80 New Gen 2 Pokemon

“More than 80 new Pokemon are arriving in the world of Pokemon Go this week, Niantic and The Pokemon Company announced. The new creatures come from the Johto region, which were introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Players will be able to encounter these new Pokemon in the wild this week.

In addition to the new Pokemon, Niantic is also including new Evolution items for evolving Pokemon, and a new purchasable accessory and outfit options for customizing your trainer.

New berries will also be added to help trainers catch Pokemon. The Pinap Berry can double the amount of candy earned from catching a Pokemon if the next ball thrown brings a successful catch; the Nanab Berry can slow the wild Pokemon’s movement.”

There’s a video and more new on the new Pokemon at Epicstream here

Pokemon Go’s Valentine’s Day Event Is On!

Just a quick note for you Pokemon Go players – “In honor of the pink, red and white holidayPokémon GO will see increased spawn rates for Pokémon like Clefable, Porygon and Chansey. You’ll see a higher chance of Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum hatching from eggs. Players will get double the amount of candy from catching and transferring Pokémon, and Buddy Pokémon will find candy twice as fast.” Read more on this fun event here

h/t TechnoBuffalo

Pokemon Dataminers Spot Upcoming Daily Quests

pokemon“Even before the dawn of the Pokemon Go Halloween event, Niantic Labs has released a new quick update that brought some minute changes for the game.

Pokemon Go Hub has spotted the datamined information, which suggests that Daily Quests are coming to the game. According to the report, the Daily Quests can be the First Catch of the Day and the First PokeStop of the Day. There is one other unknown type in the files, which gives a total of three Daily Quests.


There’s not much known yet about these quests, but the dataminers are fairly certain that they are already in the metadata of Pokemon Go, so the developer can easily turn on the feature anytime.

What’s more, similar to other games, the Daily Quests may also turn up some reward. And in this case, the information found in the files are Incubators. If this is true, then it will certainly make it easier for Instinct players, if we follow our leader Spark’s goal of conquering the game through Eggs.”

Read more on the Pokemon Daily Quests here

H/T, Thumbnail:

Video – What’s Inside Nine 10KM Eggs In Pokemon Go

pokemon“What’s inside nine (9) 10km eggs in Pokemon GO? How to get them? Lots of grinding… Not fun. Will we get Lapras? Snorlax? Mr. Mime? Who knows? Plus What’s Inside Spoof”

The video is a bit talky but probably of interest for hardcore Pokemon Go fans. Video below – enjoy!

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Is This For Reals? Stampede In Taiwan For Pokemon Go Snorlax

pokemonJust as good as this incredible video (which we covered in the ‘SF/Fantasy/Horror Around The Interwebs’ earlier today), are the bitter/angry/hysterical comments! What you’re supposedly viewing is mass hysteria for a Pokemon Go Snorlax appearance in Taiwan. We actually think this is pretty cool. Everyone’s having a great time, getting along, and no one’s getting hurt (that we can see). And everyone gets to run around and get exercise. Oh – and it costs pretty much nothing. Video and some comments below…

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Pokemon Go/Nintendo Sued By Couple Overwhelmed By Pokemon Go Players

pokemonIn other news, the couple said, “And stay off the grass!”. “Nintendo says its mission is to “put smiles on people’s faces.”

Scott and Jayme Dodich of St. Clair Shores aren’t smiling. Pokémon Go, they say, is making them miserable — so they’ve decided to sue the video game giant and its wildly successful game in federal court.

After weeks of complaining about Pokemon players trampling their landscaping, peering into their windows and even cussing at them, the Dodiches have filed a class action lawsuit,  claiming Pokémon Go developers and owners have made millions of dollars while ruining  the quality of life for many Americans.  They claim the so-called Pokestops and gyms — which are actually GPS coordinates for Pokemon hunters looking for virtual creatures — are being placed on or near private property without the permission of owners.

In their case, they live across the street from Wahby Park — a Pokemon hotspot that has a so-called Poke gym and at least seven stops that draw hundreds of players on any given day.”

Do you think Pokemon has become a public nuisance or are these people just bitter? More on this harangued couple here

Thumbnail:, h/t:

New Pokemon Sun/Moon English Trailer

pokemon“A new group of villains are set to appear in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Meet Team Skull, a group of ruffians causing trouble in the Alola region. Get ready for adventure and discover even more Alolan Pokémon.”

Trailer below – enjoy!

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Honest Pokemon Go Commercial From Nigahiga

pokemonAn amusing ‘honest commercial’ with some elements of truth. Video below – enjoy!



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Fury After Pokemon Go Apps Disabled

pokemonThis could have implications affecting world peace or the human race in general.

“Pokévision, one of the largest and best designed, went dark over the weekend. Other web-based and mobile apps have also fallen silent. The services ranged in purpose from showing where Pokémon would spawn to checks on the relative strength of your creatures.

Fans are holding Pokémon Go developer Niantic responsible, as reports circulate that the services were felled by server-side changes introduced alongside the game’s recent patch.

Players are particularly frustrated as Niantic has still not fixed the app’s own in-game radar, which broke shortly after Pokémon Go’s initial release. In fact, as we reported over the weekend, the latest patch removes all trace of it (although presumably just until it is fixed).”

More on this terrible state of Poke-developments here

h/t, thumbnail:

Pokemon Go Gets The Honest Game Trailer

pokemonPokémon Go may have taken the world by storm — setting iTunes App Store records, becoming the subject of a Simpsons bit — but not everyone’s impressed.

In a new Honest Trailer for the game, Smosh Games playfully expressed its disappointment in Niantic’s game, calling it a “groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and Paper Toss.” The trailer teases the game for “throwing out all of the stuff that made Pokémon interesting and keeping the part where you walk back and forth in the grass until something interesting happens.”

The clip will also lead you to a horrifying realization that might make you think twice about leveling up your Pokémon and forcing them to evolve. It points out that the game features “a grinding system that will literally have you grinding the Pokémon you catch into candies that you force feed to the Pokémon you kept alive.””

Trailer below the fold. Read more on the Honest Trailer here

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I’ve Got An Idea – I’ll Quit My Job To Play Pokemon Go!

pokemonInitially, the idea looks ridiculous. But when you read into it a little, the woman is coming at it from the ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ mentality.

“This English woman was making more than $2,600 a month as a tutor, but she found a new job that she thinks will pay more — full-time Pokémon Go player.

Sophia Pedraza, 26, has ditched her job in order to devote all her time to being the very best at the mobile game, which uses players’ geolocation services on their cellphones to take them on a virtual scavenger hunt for Pokémon characters.

“I downloaded it and immediately realized there is money to be made,” Pedraza told The Sun. “My mum thinks I’m mad but she’s coming round to the idea.”

Before Pokémon Go was released earlier this month, Pedraza, who also has a law degree, gave private lessons to students in various subjects including math, English and music.”

Read more on this interesting idea here

h/t, thumbnail:

The Pokemon Go Stories Keep Writing Themselves

pokemonh/t to IGN for the latest round of Poke-aster stories. We’ve got the first two, check out this link for the rest…

1. Pokemon Theme Song Plays Jump by Hundreds of Percent Pokemon Go lets players attempt to be the very best like no one ever was in the real world, but when the app’s soundtrack doesn’t suffice, there’s nothing like the original Pokemon theme song to fuel your adventure. Many Spotify users have taken that route, as the music streaming service revealed the theme song’s plays jumped 382 percent during the game’s first weekend of release

2. Pokemon Go Players Help Catch a Criminal Even when their faces were glued to their phones, two Pokemon Go players in Fullerton, California weren’t too distracted by the need to catch ’em all to help police with an arrest. Two Marine Corps veterans assisted police with an arrest by aiding in the capture of man at a playground bothering children. And it turns out the man also was, at the time, wanted for attempted murder.

Do click on the link above for the rest of the stories – hysterical! You know there’s going to be ten more in another week!


Video: More Newly Discovered Pokemon

pokemonThese are new Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Video below – enjoy!

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