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Big Long Leatherface Trailer

Bloody Disgusting

This is a montage of clips (over four minutes) from the Leatherface movie – some of which you may have not seen before. I don’t pay attention to critics so I’m not sure what they’re saying about it, but it looks good from these clips!


Video – New Trailer Buzz

Here’s The Very Latest Leatherface Trailer!

Here’s the newest trailer for Leatherface – and his friendly chainsaw! Video at the link below.






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Leatherface Exclusive Red Band Trailer

Bloody Disgusting

He’s back! The man in the mask! Well, one of them, at least…. Anyhoo, we’d like to thank the incredible website Bloody Disgusting for this gem! After much anticipation, Bloody Disgusting is excited to exclusively premiere the red band trailer for Leatherface, which will see an exclusive DirecTV release on September 21, 2017, with a limited theatrical run and full VOD release through Lionsgate revved up for October 20, 2017. Note that this movie will be the prequel story of how Leatherface came to be! Video at the link below. 

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Some New Leatherface Origin Images

texaschainBecause every hideous, maniacal, serial killer started out as a young, adorable, maniacal serial killer. “Vanessa Grasse stars as Lizzy, a young nurse at a mental hospital who’s kidnapped by a group of violent teenagers and taken on a road trip from hell. Lili Taylor portrays Verna Sawyer; Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, and James Bloor star as the potential Leatherfaces; and Stephen Dorff stars as a lean, mean Texas Ranger who has a vendetta against the teen boy who grows up to become Leatherface.”

Original 1974 trailer below! Have a look at some cool promo images and production stills here

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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Gas Station Set To Open As Horror-Themed BBQ Joint

texaschain“After being closed for many years, the Last Chance gas station will reopen as “We Slaughter Barbecue”. If you fancy a side of blood-curdling horror with your BBQ ribs and coleslaw, then we have the spot for you.”


(h/t, image: