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Weird West VR Puzzler ‘Cold Iron’ Official Announcement Trailer


Awaken the power of Cold Iron, a demonic pistol possessed by a hungry spirit. Dance with the deadliest duelists in the world’s first virtual reality puzzle shooter. This VR puzzler shooter is set in the weird west. Coming to Steam January 30. Trailer at the link below. 

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Arktika.1 Official Launch Trailer


ARKTIKA.1 is a highly immersive, action-packed, first-person shooter designed exclusively for Oculus Touch. Nearly a century in the future, the world has fallen into a new ice age in the aftermath of a silent apocalypse. Only the equatorial regions are still habitable, yet pockets of humanity survive in small numbers all over the planet, hanging onto existence in the resource-rich territories to the north and south–resources that everyone wants to control… Protect the colony in the wastelands of old Russia from raiders, marauders, and strange creatures. Be the savior. Give humanity a second chance. Video at the link below.

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Batman™: Arkham VR PC Announce Trailer

DC Comics

“Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced that Batman™: Arkham VR is coming to HTC VIVE™ and Oculus Rift beginning on the 25th of April. Currently available for PlayStation®VR, Rocksteady Studios’ Batman™: Arkham VR is a top-selling, BAFTA nominated virtual reality experience that takes place in the critically acclaimed Batman™: Arkham canon and is based on DC’s core Batman license.” Video at the link below.

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Check Out This Video Of The World’s First VR Vehicle At CES

Looks pretty complex and the first question we had was how they plan to integrate this into the home. And then there’s the cost, which will most likely be astronomical initially. Still, it’s an interesting start and it’s going to be really interesting to see how it gets developed into an easy to move/transport device. You can see what’s happening on-screen while the driver moves around. Does it remind you a little of the speeders in Return of the Jedi? Anyhoo, the short video is at the link below. Enjoy!

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Oculus Has Fulfilled All Rift Pre-Orders

oculusWe covered the Oculus woes a few times as they struggled to get the product off the shelves, so rather than be a Negative Nancy, we’re going to cover their good news for a change. “It’s pretty rare that a company can enter the world of consumer electronics manufacturing and not have a pretty rough time for it, and so it’s been for Oculus, the Facebook-owned virtual reality pioneer. Its VR headset Rift has been dogged with supply and manufacturing issues, leading to long wait times for customers, since it launched back in late March.”

It looks like customers stuck it out and the product is moving along now. You can order the Rift now and only have a few days delay. We think this may be the beginning of a major movement into VR with Oculus being one of the big players so let’s see how this turns out. Have you bought one of these yet?

You can read more on the Rift as well as a review of the actual product here

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Playstation VR Demos Coming

oculusYou can bet one of our gumshoes will be filing a report on this the day it comes out. “Sony is teaming up with Best Buy and GameStop to give gamers a taste of PlayStation VR before its release. There are currently more than 30 GameStop and Best Buy stores offering in-store demos of Sony’s upcoming VR headset. There will also be more locations offering opportunities to try out PlayStation VR in the future. Sony plans to add close to 300 demo stations to stores across the United States and Canada starting on June 24.” Head on over to see timing and location details here

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Nintendo NX May Be Adding VR Features

oculusStill in the rumor stage but it wasn ‘t at this year’s E3 – “According to DIGITimes, NX mass-production was scheduled to begin in mid-2016 but was delayed until early 2017 – along with a shift in production order from over 20 million units to a more conservative 9-1o million. The rationale alleged to have been offered is as follows:

“Nintendo wished to enhance the game console’s video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience and add virtual reality (VR) function into the system to gain advantages in the upcoming video game and mobile game competitions.””

More breakdown on the development of the NX here

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Queen’s Brian May Is Making A VR Viewer

oculusIs there anything this man can’t do? Amazing guitarist. Doctor of astrophysics. Writer for astronomy magazines. Now he’s getting into the VR business with a VR viewer. Is there anyone out there who had a Viewmaster viewer? If so, let us know what your favorite viewing wheels were. But we digress… So May is working on the “Owl VR — shipping in mid-June for around $36 — is effectively almost exactly like any number of mobile VR headsets. The purported differences are that it “works with any smartphone” (like virtually any Cardboard), “has fully adjustable focus” (like the latest Mattel View-Master and some disposable designs), and “has an open stage rather than a closed light-tight box””

It’s cheap, looks like the old Viewmaster, and hey, it’s Brian May! Have a look here

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TechGuru Daily Releases Guide To Buying VR Headsets

oculusVR is the hot new thing and it’s getting bigger very fast. We’ve covered it quite a bit here at Sci-Clops. Fortunately, the fine folks at TechGuru have put together a little VR headset buying guide. Have a look at it here. Do you have one already? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Now People Are Trying To Break Records For VR

oculusFrom the “This can’t end well” files…

“Someone finally went and decided to try living in virtual reality for a full day, and in the process set an official Guinness World Record for the most time spent in VR while playing a game.”

Welp, there you have it, folks! VR’s not even months old and it’s already gone silly. Enjoy the details in the article and the non-VR video accompanying it here

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VR + Children = Zombies

oculusWell, at least that’s how the New York Post is putting it, writing that VR will be the last factor to turn our kids into Vidiots. Our favorite takeaway from the article:

“But soon, virtual reality is going to be for everyone thanks to products like the new Oculus Rift. In a few years, the device will be like an iPhone. Who won’t have one? HBO and Discovery have made large investments in this area. And virtual reality is supposedly remaking the world of pornography too.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what the effect of putting these headsets on kids will be. And the manufacturers seem to acknowledge that. Samsung’s manual for its Gear VR reads: “Not for use by children under 13. Watching videos or playing games with the Gear VR may affect the visual development of children. When children, age 13 or older, use the Gear VR, adults should limit their usage time and ensure they take frequent breaks. Adults should monitor children closely after using the Gear VR if children feel discomfort.” Ha!”

Read more about the descent of humanity into their self-imposed prison of ones and zeros here…

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Lovecraft-Themed Edge Of Nowhere Coming For Oculus Rift

oculusNice to see more games being released for this new platform. The future is here. And anytime Lovecraft is involved, it’s good.

Edge of Nowhere is a VR third-person action-adventure from acclaimed independent developer Insomniac Games. Follow the trail of a missing expedition that leads across the treacherous mountains of Antarctica. Scale massive ice walls and travel deep into alien caves in this unsettling psychological thriller. In Edge of Nowhere, nothing is what it seems, and the unexpected lurks from all sides.

Victor Howard is searching for his fiancée, Ava Thorne, who is part of a lost expedition in Antarctica. His rescue mission takes a sudden turn as he ventures deeper into a dark monstrous world where reality warps and twists around him. Desperate to find the one he loves, Victor must encounter disturbing creatures and climb sheer cliff walls as he descends further into madness.”

More detail on the game and what you can do, images, and a gameplay video here

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Minecraft For Oculus VR Has Arrived For The Oculus Rift

minecraft“Mojang announced today that the VR version of Minecraft is now available for the Oculus Rift. The game is on sale now for $6.99, though it does require the separate gamepad peripheral. This version of the game supports all the features of the Pocket Edition, including Creative and Survival modes, skins, and multiplayer. Players will be able to choose between the default theater view or a first-person perspective that lets you stand beside your creations.”

Video and more info here

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At Last! Oculus Rift About To Ship

oculusIf you’ve been following this story with us for the last few weeks, you know what a not-so-virtual nightmare the reality of shipping of the Oculus Rift became.

“Recent reports suggest that the Oculus Rift is all set to be shipped apparently and it is perhaps the most well-known Virtual Reality headsets that are doing the rounds in the US. The Rift is designed by Oculus, which is owned by Facebook and has been the topic of discussion among a lot of people now. And it is high time that we get to know whether this VR headset is worth the wait. HTC’s Vive and the Gear VR will join the Rift in 2016 and not only that, Microsoft’s HoloLens is all set to beat the competition in this heating VR industry. VR headsets in general will see a huge growth from 2016 to 2017 and it will mainly be driven by hardcore smartphone users and gamers.”

Lots more info on the shipping, pricing, and backstory here

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VR Continues To Move Forward

oculusVR is off to a rocky start and you can see how hard of a time it’s having moving forward by just reading our posts on the difficulties with Oculus. Regardless, VR is going to be the next thing in the same way that hybrid cars and cell phones had a tough start but now you’re seeing them everywhere. Develop’s article goes into good detail about the role VR is starting to have in gaming and social interaction. From the article: “Bruce Wooden, head of developer and community relations at AltspaceVR, tells Develop how his team translated tabletop hits to the virtual space and explains why wearing a headset can be a highly social experience”

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