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Marvel 101 Video – Weapon X

Felipe Massafera – DeviantART

This is a short video from Marvel 101 on the Weapon X project. Before you watch it, how many ‘graduates’ can you name? There were one or two here you don’t hear about much. Have a look at the video below. Enjoy!

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Think You’re Tough? Wolverine 3 Casting For Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, and Gang Members

wolverineDrug Dealers, Prostitutes, and Gang Members. Or as we call it, the MTV Music Awards. But if you think you fit the bill, drive your Lincoln Continental down to the casting call and see if you can wow ’em. Just remember after you hit the big time, your friends at Sci-Clops! Audition info here


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Wolverine 3 Mutant X-23 Rumor

wolverineLooks like the rumor was pulled from a casting call. Get the complete breakdown here

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